Tips For Hiring The Right PI And Securing Evidence Legally

Private investigators provide plaintiffs with the evidence required to support their legal claims. The type of evidence they gather depends on the case type. The most common cases that require private investigators are fault-based divorces and child custody cases. These tips for hiring the right PI prepare plaintiffs for this process and define legal strategies for securing evidence.

Hiring the Right Private Investigator

The right private investigator possesses a valid license for the area in which they work. Typically, the license is for the state in which they live. These licenses require a renewal based on state laws. The investigator should possess adequate training as well. A certificate from an accredited training program and experience in law enforcement makes the investigator more credible.

Proving Adultery in a Divorce Case

Adultery-based divorce grounds require the plaintiff to secure clear evidence of an extra-martial relationship. Viable evidence includes photographs, video surveillance, and cellular records. To prove the adultery claim, the evidence must show that the plaintiff’s spouse was unfaithful. The evidence cannot leave any room for error or misinterpretation.

However, the private investigator cannot break the law to secure the evidence. They must use measures that don’t invade the subject’s privacy. They cannot break into the subject’s property to gather evidence. They need permission from the plaintiff to set up surveillance inside the property. However, if the plaintiff doesn’t own the property, any evidence gathered through these efforts is not admissible.

Securing Evidence to Acquire Child Custody

Private investigators are hired to assist with child custody cases. They gather evidence to show a risk to the child. The most common risks presented during a child custody case are drug addiction, abuse, and neglect. If the opposing parent is a risk, evidence acquisition is vital. A private investigator provides clear evidence to present this risk to the court.

Private investigators play an active role in helping spouses and parents with their legal claims. These investigators follow the law to acquire clear support for these cases. The most common cases that require these investigations are divorce and child custody cases. Anyone who needs evidence acquisition should contact a private investigator today and schedule an appointment.